Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Jon Manual...

How does your garden grow?
A photo of the sky today.
Jon's cucumber plants.
The gardener himself getting out of the horrible heat.
Jon's garden is really coming along! The cucumbers are already 3 inches tall and the tomatoes, peas, and lettuce have sprouted. It's been raining lately which is such a blessing and I can just taste that homegrown produce!


Cynthia said...

Nice garden! You're fortunate to have such a long growing season. We're 1/2 way through ours now.

Lisa in Jax said...

Yes, it's a long hot season.LOL We started way late but I think we should be able to get some good produce before the season is over.

Jodi said...

Glad to see tha Jon's garden is aleady growing well.

We too, Like Cynthia, are halfway through our season. Didn't get much in this year but it's too late now! Memorial day to just past Labor day is about it here.

Kristine said...

Oh, GOOD for Jon! What a blessing to have him working on this, and the rest of you can benefit from his work!

Lisa in Jax said...

He's a great help! His garden is growing really fast and I can see us getting veggies from it soon.