Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Menu for this week...

I'm late!LOL Well, we're dealing with illness and Genevieve Integration Disorder. While Evie was gone, I spent the whole time training Isaac and well, he's trying to revert back to old habits. He is now bottle free! Yippee! And morning time potty trained. He loses interest as the day goes on.lol Now that Evie's back, Isaac spent all day yesterday screaming for a bottle, biting and hitting, and having really impressive temper tantrums. I dealt with him consistantly and he's better today.

The other issue is Allison. Please pray that she feels better soon, we're talking horrible stomach flu, and that no one, especially Sophia, gets this. Unfortunately, Allison held her all day long.

Now to my menu...as long as I don't get sick that is...


Stew and biscuits
Beef Pot pie
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Ribs




Cynthia said...

YUM! Can I come to your house for dinner? After everyone is well again!

Lisa in Jax said...

Sure, just wait a month and you are welcome anytime. Who knows how long this virus will take to get through us. sigh.