Wednesday, July 11, 2007

8 Things About Me...

Liz , by way of Dorothy , posted a challenge to write 8 things about yourself for all the world to see. Now, I'm a boring person so don't expect any juicy tidbits but here goes anyway.LOL

The rules are simple:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
Consider yourself tagged if you read this.

1. I'm an unorganized organizing junkie. Sometime, somewhere along the way, something will happen, the world will get out of tilt and my perfect world will be turned into chaos. They are out to get

2. When I grow up I want to be a Doctor/Sign Language Interpreter/Writer/English Teacher. Oh wait, I'm already grown up. Darn.

3. I married my highschool sweetheart who was also an "older man".lol (He seemed much older back then, now he's only 1 1/2 years older. Does that mean I'm gaining on him?)

4. I am a horrible patient. If you can actually get me there. This also pertains to dentists. I'm looking into drug therapy.LOL (Thanks Kathy)

5. I don't like people touching me. That's why I had 5 Evidently, this is an actual disorder now, not just a weird quirk. Now I'm just disordered, not quirky. I also don't like tags, have a horrible time finding shoes, clothes, and especially undergarments. My poor dh won't go shopping with me

6. I've been pregnant or brea$tfeeding for the past 5 years. Please refer to #5.

7. I have the uncanny ability to remember where every single bathroom I've ever been in is. Even if it was years Let's all remember that I have 5 kids. Believe me, someone will have to go and usually it's me.lolol

8. It takes me at least 10 times before I'll remember your name and at least 5 times before I'll even recognise you. If you aren't where you're *supposed* to be, then even if you're my bestfriend I won't recognise you at first. You'll have to remind me of who you are.LOL

So there. I TOLD you I was boring. I'd love to hear about everyone else




Cynthia said...

LOL! I haven't done mine yet... it certainly won't be as funny as the others I've read... mine will read more like an administrator's year end report, I'm sure... sigh... I NEED to catch up on my own blog today! I need to quit procrastinating and just get it done! I'm bogged down with dd's graduation pictures and everything else has nearly come to a complete halt.... sigh.. you're the observant one who mentioned feast or famine with me and well.... I'm about to head into the feast time, I hope!

Ginger said...

Funny, Lisa! Especially #5! I guess I'll have to do ANOTHER post for today! I didn't know about this challenge! Oh - and more of your Clean-Up has been posted on my blog!

Liz said...

Boring - no.
Psychotic - very possibly.

Lisa in Jax said...

Hurry up Cynthia! I'm starving.LOL

Yes, Ginger, you need to blog this! I'm sure you're way more interesting than I.LOL

Kathy in WA said...

Lisa!! Too funny. I love #5. Do you ever feel like all day long people are hugging and tugging and just plain TOUCHING YOU!!??

Yes, definitely look into Ativan or something like that if you dentist issues. :) It's been a total life (or at least sanity/brain) saver. Anxiety is gone plus I get a good nap afterwards. Ha!

Lisa in Jax said...


Coming from you, that means a lot.LOL


Touching? I'd be plenty happy if they'd quit licking me. I sometimes feel like wearing a sign saying, no touching, I'm not a napkin or a tissue.

Yes, I have a horrible time with doctors and dentists. I am going to get me some Ativan as soon as I stop bfeeding. Can I take this daily?LOLOL

dorothy said...

Interesting set of quirks there, Lisa!

Kristine said...

Well, I think you've already succeeded at #2!

LOL on #5 & 6!!

I too am blessed with children who have larger bladders than I do. I don't know the last time either one has used a public bathroom (even in the past year??). But I probably do once a week!

I used to recognize names, people, and even license plates. Now when someone approaches me, I have NO clue. I'm getting better at remembering kids' names though, because it goes over well and the moms forget that I didn't remember who THEY are, lol!

Lisa in Jax said...

My kids get so frustrated with me and my bladder. They seem to forget that if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have a bladder