Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Days of Our Genevieve...

I heard from Evie! I got to talk with her for about .03 seconds. See, she was at the pool and I was cutting into her fun.LOL She's having a great time and doesn't miss us one bit. I talked with my Mom who said that she's exhausted.LOL They gained an hour going west and her and Dad were talking last night and said, Does it EVER get dark here??? The girls wouldn't go to sleep until it got dark and my parents were soooo tired that they almost didn't make it. Mom said it got dark at exactly 9:05.lololol

We are missing our Genevieve very much and can't wait for her return.

On Sunday she usually collects all of our communion cups and puts them into the little buckets they have near the alter and this past Sunday we were all confused as to what to do with them.lol We were all looking around, kind of like "What do we do now?" it was pretty funny.

In the mornings, Evie loves to spend time with Sophia while I make breakfast. She talks to her and plays with her and really enjoys that time. I never realized how much Sophia looks forward to that time also. She's been quite the fussy girl waiting for her Evie to spend time with her.

Evidently she was also the older kids secret agent.LOL The older kids would have her bring them snacks in the morning and they've been particularly hungry at lunch time.lol

And I just miss spending time with her. She's supposed to be home by Sunday and I think we'll all be happy to see her.




Kathy in WA said...

Nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder. :) I love all the ways Evie is missed (by the entire family). Sweet!!

Kristine said...

Okay, it's early, and I'm glad I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read that your mom is "exhausted." I can only imagine, lol!

How sweet that you wrote some of the ways that she's been missed! It will be so nice to have her home today!

Lisa in Jax said...

We are so excited to see her today! She finally missed us yesterday and cried on the phone with me. I'm so glad that she's coming home.

LOL Yes, Kristine, I don't think my parents really knew how active she was. They sound very worn out.lol