Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Menu for this week...

O.k. here's my menu for the rest of the week. My brain fog has lifted and life slowed down long enough for me to figure out the meat issue.LOL

I made a list of the different cuts of meat in the freezer and that helped tremendously. The biggest problem that I see is that not all cuts contain enough for a family of my size. I will need to look for those cuts in the store when I see them on sale. For example, I only got a 1 pound package of short ribs. That just won't do in this family.LOL

Here's the plan...

Taco Salad
Southwestern Chicken and White bean soup w/bread
Savory Pot Roast w/veggies
Country Creole Peas and Corn, Cornbread
Lentils w/tomatoes and homemade bread (part of the kids school work)

Meat that I have no idea what to do with...

What's this?
Beef Strip Steak?
Top Round?
Cubed Steak?

Things I'll need to buy more of...

Short Ribs (any idea what to do with these?)

If you all have any ideas for these cuts of beef, I'd be grateful. Also, if they need extra work, like marinating or cooking twice that'd be great.




nyisutter said...

Do they not give you a choice on what cuts you get? My mother and I are planning to buy from a farm that allows us to choice how we want our meat cut. That might help if you could do that.

De'Etta said...

Well...I'd just grill em all. ::snort::

dorothy said...

Hi, I can't help with the beef issue. All your cuts seem to have different names to us anyway.

But, I was hoping you could point me to a recipe for the chicken and white bean thingy.

Lisa in Jax said...


Not with what I bought. I just got the 50# variety box. It was a good price and I wanted to try the different cuts.


LOL. Thanks. I guess I could give it a try although I'm not sure about grilling those short ribs.


I'll put the recipe on my blog. We had it tonight and it was good.lol

Cynthia said...

I recently put a crockpot recipe on my blog for ribs. YUM YUM! QUICK and EASY!