Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

Maybe this should say "My Weekly Ramblings?" LOL Oh well, I'm doing what I can. I've tried to update since Monday but Blogger just doesn't like me and Photobucket has decided to not like me either. It may be time to move on soon. Xanga is looking better and better each week.

Let's see...since I last posted, we went to the park. (Just imagine happy photos of kids running around having

Got to visit with my sister. She flew down to visit while my brother was in the hospital. He has pneumonia but will recover.

Did the whole P.E. thing twice this week. I had Jon take pictures for Allison's portfolio today. They came out great. Just imagine little girls and boys mauling Allison, while the teacher tries to keep her from falling

On Tuesday we began working on some really neat File Folder games for Isaac. You can see them at They were easy to put together and Isaac really likes them! I wish you could see ours. We didn't have any color ink so we printed out the black and white ones and colored them ourselves. They turned out nice. Just imagine

On Wednesday, the older kids and I went to WinnDixie and bought $78.08 worth of groceries for $45.67 and received two coupons for $14.00 off my next purchase.

We also covered Sophia in bubbles on the living room floor. That's a pretty cute photo too.

I'm going to at least put some recipes up next on the blog. I made apple cinnamon muffins and pineapple-orange-banana muffins this week, in addition to my usual chocolate chip muffins.

Oh, I've found that you can use Chocolate Silk brand soymilk for the liquid in pancakes and muffins for an awesome chocolate-chocolate chip muffin/pancake recipe! Very tasty!lol You all must know by now that I NEED chocolate in the morning or I just don't

I almost forgot that we carved pumpkins on Sunday after church. We used sharpies to decorate the little pumpkins and hopefully will be able to cook them after halloween. The big kids carved theirs and we roasted the seeds. I found a recipe on and they turned out good. The kids said they tasted like popcorn. Just melt 3 tbsps of butter on a cookie sheet in the oven on 350. Add washed seeds and salt to taste and roast them for 45 minutes stirring every 15.

Well, now you all are caught up. I'm grumpy about the whole photo thing but at least you all don't think I dropped off the




Debbie said...

You have been busy, Lisa!

Thanks for sharing the file folder site. I'm going to do a few for Dan. We are still struggling with trying to keep him content while we school!

Kristine said...

My kids just discovered soy milk. Trev drinks anything; Holly's not had a glass of milk in years and years (not counting chocolate, lol). But she rather likes the soy, so I'm willing to spend the $$. At this point, it's really not that much more anyway!

I realized tonight that we MUST get pumpkins soon!

De'Etta said...

ARGH - I feel your pain - and I'm imagining can post them later?

Xanga - I may have to check them out... LOL

File folder site looks fun.

Lisa in Jax said...

The games are great Debbie! I'm sure Dan will like them.


Jon liked the soymilk but the rest of us could taste an aftertaste. You can't taste it in baked goods

Also, if you go to the money saving mom's website, there's a coupon for the silk soymilk. $2.25 off!


I'm just about to call it quits. I just don't have hours to do a blog. I need it to work the first time. Now if I could only figure out how to do some things on Xanga and I'd be moved already.LOL

Jodi said...

Oh this reminds me I don't know if you have Pearl brand soy milk in your grocery store (non refrigerated soy milk) but lately it's been on sale for 99 cents and there is a $1 off coupon on each packet! Only the plain flavor though but still it's good for baking.

Blogger has been fussy for me lately too. I'm just going to keep on adding photos (when it lets me!) and then when it's filled start a blog part 2 on another site with a link back to blog 1. Or something like that!

Those file folder games are very cute!

Cynthia said...

I see you must have gotten photobucket or blogger to work because I see pictures!

Don't feel bad about the weekly review. That's about all the time I've had lately, too. I hope to get some blogging time this weekend to update my how low can you go challenge!

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Jodi! I'll look for it down here.


Yes, it worked for the moment but not Photobucket. It keeps freezing on me. I'm almost out of space so it better start working