Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

So, I haven't been talking much about our school year, now have I? I mean, this is Lisa's HOMESCHOOL circus, right? Where'd the homeschool go?LOL

Well, we're finally hitting our stride. Allison is on her way to finishing her school year with a bang, or at least 10 credits. (Whichever comes first.LOL) She already has 8.5 credits from last year and she's about 1/2 way through this year now and will have 10 more credits by the end of the year. At this rate, her senior year will only be electives. We changed some things and added other classes as things came up. So far, she's taking Literature, PreAlgebra (she's almost done and will go straight into Algebra 1), CQLA (she's going to take this over 3 years to get one credit, she'll write 12 papers a year), Biology (she's almost done with this also, she'll wait until next year to take Chemistry with Jon), Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, World Geography, Health, Drawing (using Artistic Pursuits), Spanish, P.E., and she's also getting her volunteer hours at the YMCA 4 hours a week. She studies from 6:30am to 11:30am each morning and then has a homework time from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, except on Wed and Thur.

Jon's school is going well also. He is earning some highschool credit this year too. He is almost through with Algebra 1, Biology, and is working through Ancient Civilizations and the Bible with Allison. He'll move straight into Geometry once he's through with Algebra 1 but he'll have to wait until next August to start Chemistry. This will give Allison some time to catch up in her math so they can do just one science together. This will give him time to concentrate on his writing in this next semester. Writing is his weakness, although he's getting better each year. I just love seeing him make progress in this area! I remember when he couldn't even hold a pencil. What a blessing to watch him grow.

Evie is learning to read... ever so slowly.LOL She has read her first words in the past 2 weeks! She's can read MAT, BAT, and PAT. She's also learned this week how to read MAD and MAP. I never thought I'd be able to teach her.LOL She's not the easy going student that I'm used to. I have to wait for just the right day/time/lunar phase? just for her to do well but she's making progress and I'm encouraged.lol

Isaac is still in the potty training phase. Diaper on=wet. Naked as a Jaybird=potty trained. I'm tired of having to dress him every single time we go somewhere and having to remember to strip him every time we get back. If we have to go back and forth, well, that means a big wet diaper when we are finally done for the day. This is very discouraging but I'm guessing we're just waiting on his maturity level to increase and that just can't be rushed.

Sophia is in the learning to get around phase. She's dangerous.lol She is slow but extremely quiet and can be easily forgotten until you're going, "Where's Sophia?" and you find her eating paper or off in a corner trying to eat the video game cords.lol She's such a sweetie though.

I'm doing o.k., a little discouraged by the lack of IRL friends, but I'm hanging in there. I'm starting to get a little more sleep at night, (although sleep is for wimps,lol) and I'm still able to get things done each day. Some days, just getting breakfast served to everyone seems to take all morning and some days I'm able to clean the whole house, bake bread, do lessons with Evie, play with Isaac and the baby, and fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner all before 6pm.lol I guess if I can't be consistant, I'll at least be consistantly active. Well, it's time to go...




Jen said...

Wow, your circus sounds just like mine! Right down to the potty training, teaching to read, and missing IRL friends. We'll survive. I have faith!

Jen in Az

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL! I wonder if we could trade and no one would notice. Almost like a break...lol

Cynthia said...

Don't be too discouraged. I have lots of IRL acquaintances and friends, but I don't have very many IRL "close" friends as in just call up for no reason, try to schedule a girls night out of any sort, etc.... I suppose I might be able to find some if I had time, but I don't... so... here I am spending time blogging! I LOVE blogosphere because it makes me FEEL like I have close friends! Most of my closer friends have small groups already and I think that's why I don't have many close friends here at our new church (I say new, but we've been here over 5 years - lol)

Debbie said...

Lisa, the older kids sound like they are doing great! Isn't it so satisfying?!

Suggestion on Isaac...he sounds just like Dan...put pants on him, but leave off the diaper/undies. It worked great for Dan. It was months before we could finally go with the underwear. Not sure what is up with that, but it worked.

It is hard when you don't have many IRL friends. I find myself in the same situation. I have what I call situational aquantainces...woman that I know and meet with because of co-op or choir or ladies meetings, but no one that I can just call and say, "want to go do something or come over for tea". I keep praying and hoping that God will send that type of friend. I just feel so blessed to have so many cyber friends.

Robin said...


I had the same problem with IRL friends when my two closest friends moved out of state within a year of each other.

I prayed for some new friends to come into my life and within a few months I saw my church was beginning a MOPS group.

I was a little nervous at first but I went and jumped in whole-heartedly. I was on the steering committee within months. And I now have some very close, wonderful friends.

Do you have a MOPS nearby? It's not for everybody and not every group is so great but at least it's an idea for you.

Btw, Sophia sounds SO much like my Zane. He loves to eat paper and cords, also. And now he's made his way into the kitchen and discovered the cat food. ICK!

Emily said...

I was going to suggest MOPS too. My sister in law has children close to your kids ages and she has met some great friends through that group.

Kathy in WA said...

Lisa - it's so nice to hear about how things are going in your school. I feel like it is taking me forever to get my groove on this year. Such work!!

Our church has a great MOPS group as well. It's hard, as you know, to take time away from school and the older children to carve out time for a morning program. Could be a special place for some IRL friends.

Lisa in Jax said...

I'm going to check out the MOPS thing you all are talking about. Sounds interesting.LOL

Debbie, I'm going to try the pants with no undies. It just might work! Thanks!

I do love the blogging community and I love SHS!

Robin, You're Zane is adorable! I love the photos of him.

Jodi said...

**I LOVE blogosphere because it makes me FEEL like I have close friends!**

Cynthia commented above,
OK I'm commenting on a comment in your post, LOL.

I think the reason I joined the co-op this year was as much to try and find more friends for myself as anything academic for the kids. I'm not sure if that'll happen though, we all still live so far apart. I doubt we'd get together outside co-op, plus I seem to be more of a kid magnet than an adult friend finder at co-op anyway, LOL.

Hang in there and hopefully your blog friends will help even when you aren't connecting IRL. Busy schedules, distances, it's always something.

Romany said...


I'm praying God sends you just the right person to be your friend!

Kristine said...

((Lisa)). I have been so blessed by my SHS friends. Yes, I would love to have IRL friends that I have things in common with. But our several hsing friends-with-kids-the-same-age all put their kids back in school several years ago. I appreciate that I can "meet" my internet friends at times that are convenient to me (midnight!).

I know it's not the same; just different. I am going to a mom's meeting later this week, and already I have the impression that most of them have quite young children. Sigh. It'd be nice if IRL friends were at least hsing slightly older kids. (But my SHS friends do!)