Friday, October 12, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

Can you all see me juggling? Well, at least all those balls that I've dropped?LOL It's hard keeping up with everything all at once. Maybe someday I'll grow those extra arms I've been praying for, until then, I'm just going to blog when I can. Bummer.LOL

Isaac shares sooo well.LOL Notice the tears...
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The kids are doing great with their school work! We're really on a roll now. It's great to see us slip into the groove.

This is Sophia's blankie. Yes, it's my housecoat and no, she won't take anything else... I can just see us the first time she wants us to take it to the store....snort!
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I played yesterday.LOL The littles and I just played and had a great time. It was amazing to have so much energy even after doing the whole back and forth to the Y all morning!

Evie hamming it up... I promise I bathed her after these photos...
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I've changed my diet again and it's definitely giving me more energy. I don't think I realized how bad I felt, until I began feeling better. Looks like I've got a real milk allergy now and I've completely removed it from my diet. Not too hard when you're used to reading labels all the time. I've found so far that I can make biscuits and muffins with plain rice milk and no one noticed.LOL I tested this theory by making some with regular milk on Monday and then some with rice milk on Wednesday and everyone raved about them both times.LOL I like using the rice milk instead of water because it is at least fortified. I'll be trying pancakes next

Yes, I know she doesn't match... did I mention they all received baths after this?
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Today is a glorious day! Beautiful, cool, breezy, and clear blue skies! Praise God for such a gift after this very hot summer! The kids are off to lunch with Grandma right now, but I'm thinking park once they get back and Sophia's up from her nap. I've got the windows open and it's so nice to be sitting by this window feeling the cool breeze blow through.

Here's a happy boy all his cars
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Sophia's got a fever today. I think it's from teething though. She's finally cut her gums and all my babies get fevers once the gums cut. She's been miserable but today she seems to be feeling better.

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I guess that's it for now. The kids are pretty busy nowadays. They had skating last night and Jon has confirmation class tonight. I'm praying for just the right thing for Jon to join in the new year. He really needs an outlet but it's hard to find things that would interest him. Allison's busy, busy, busy, but Jon, not so much.



Cynthia said...

Yep.. just blog when you can. That's all I can do as well. I actually spend more time reading blogs than I do blogging myself because I can quickly read something for 2-3 minutes here and there inbetween things, but I actually have to sit down and THINK about what to write if I work on my own blog (LOL).. that takes more time than I usually have.

Emily said...

Isn't this little cool front GREAT! We wokeup yesterday an the house had chill. I was able to open the windows too and boy did it feel wonderful!

Jodi said...

Glad to hear that you're having some refreshing weather.

The pictures are all so cute!

Romany said...

Lisa, I'm glad you are finding your new diet helpful. I've often wondered about a possible milk intolerance myself but am not organised enough to test this theory out!

Hope the children enjoyed their baths! {g}

De'Etta said...

Wonderful to see the new things all are up to.

I'm glad that school is slipping into a routine for you.