Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Today was a good day! It was so nice out that we spent most of the time outside. I think we all needed the fresh air and sunshine. I even took a walk!!! Although I couldn't feel my leg for a good hour I think my days of walking around like that are numbered until this baby gets here.

I had my dr's appt this morning and yep, I'm still pregnant.LOL The dr says the baby's head-down and engaged but I'm not even remotely showing signs of eminent labor. He said he'd see me next week. Bummer.LOL (Couldn't I have been just a little bit dialated? Is that too much to ask?LOL)

I am just today starting to feel better from whatever hit me this weekend. I am so thankful that I'm on the mend. Tummy troubles are not good when you barely have a tummy left.LOL I'm so thankful for everyone's prayers.

We've been having "issues" with Evie and scissors.LOL My mom has had to fix her hair because of the chunks missing. All I can say is that she's a lot harder to convince not to do this than the first two were.LOL I'm guessing she may be bald sometime soon.LOL

Isaac will now go potty on demand!!! I just wish that he would notice when he actually NEEDS to go. I keep I've never had one so young be this far along before, maybe in a month or two he'll notice when he needs to go and that will be the end of diapers for him. What a blessing!

Allison begins Ballroom dance lessons tomorrow evening. They are having this at our new church and she's been dying to take lessons for a long time but I couldn't find a studio anywhere near us so this is such a blessing! These lessons really showed Allison that this church is where God wants us and that he's meeting all our needs through this wonderful fellowship.

Well, since we lead such an exciting life, this is all I could come up with to write I know that the exciting part is coming up so I'm more than happy to take things easy for now.




gr8tful4grace said...

Gracie has had scissor issues too. For a long time she had one side of her hair shorter than the other. I just chalked it up to natural consequences and kept "explaining" when anyone asked. LOL ~Yvonne

Lisa in Jax said...

Yes, but is it a consequence when said child doesn't care?LOLOL

Jodi said...

Yippeee Isaac!!!!!!!

I hope Evie grows out of the scissors phase sone. Colin did that for quite awhile but as he was a boy could just get out my clippers and undo the damage! I used to babysit a little girl when mine were all youn g and Hyaley let th little girl give her a haircut (because she wanted to, mummy) and found the new look very upsetting!

Ugh about not dilated yet, hopefully soon!

Emily said...

I remember those last couple weeks of pregnancy. You just want to hear the words dilated come out of your doctor's mouth :-)But head down and engaged is a good start!

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Jodi and Emily.

I'm sure that she will someday outgrow the whole hair cutting thing, I'm just hoping it's before she runs out of

That's one thing that I miss about my last dr. If he had seen my disappointment at not being dialated he would have changed his mind and told me that maybe I was a

I am so excited about Isaac's potty training! This has been the gentlest most easy going training I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.LOLOL

Queen Bee said...

I'm SO EXCITED that Nathan is FINALLY fully potty trained for daytime.... you might remember my blog post not knowing what to do with him and his not wanting to go #2 in the toilet... sigh... one day everything just came together (albeit with MUCH CRYING and PROTESTING) and he FINALLY did it and I'm SO thankful....