Saturday, September 01, 2012

School This Year 2012-13

This year I have 3 official students with an active 2.5yo thrown in for good measure. (The baby just tags along and makes things more I really had a hard time deciding on curricula this year. I had to balance learning sytles with the amount of actual time that I can sit at the table. It's great to know what styles work with each child but if everything is very teacher intensive, that doesn't leave much of me left for the little ones. So, balance was key for me this year.

Here's the list of working items for each child...


Heart of Dakota's "Preparing Hearts for His Glory"

What I love about this curriculum is that most of the assignments are written to the student or are easy enough for a bright 4th grader to do on her own. I sit with her for the read alouds, Bible, language arts, and occasionally math. Everything else, she can do without help. Love the focus on the Bible!

First Language Lessons Level 1

We're going through this quickly. I'm a late starter to grammar instruction. I like to start them reading, then work on spelling, then grammar, and finally writing. Genevieve's been focusing on spelling for the last 6 months and has really taken off, so we've just begun focusing on grammar. We'll probably go through Levels 1-3 this year.

All About Spelling Level 4

Genevieve has really made incredible progress with this program. She went from being unable to spell, to spelling at a 4th grade level in 6 months' time. We started this in January, took 2 months off for a new baby and she just finished level 3 last week. Really amazing!

Math U See Beta

She's been in this level for over a year. What can I say? Math is NOT her strong suit but she is making PROGRESS. That's all that matters to me. She'll be in Gamma in a few short weeks.


I went back to an oldie but goodie for this guy....


He's loving the study on American Indians so far. We're using Squidoo lesson plans to hash out a good direction for his lessons KonosI really like how it is put together! He's learning a ton. We do all the reading right before bed and he's always asking for We're going to follow the whole year 2 program. :)

Reading Eggs:

This is great for the non-bookie kind of learner. He's picking up reading without pain and I don't have to teach

Explode the Code:

I'm using this as his "Handwriting" and for more phonics help.

Math U See Alpha

He just started and is enjoying this level.


Sophia will be working with Isaac on History and Science. They'll be doing projects together and listening to the same stories.

She's using a new program that I found on Confession's of a Homeschooler's blog:


She's also going to do the K4 program this year also. We're starting off slow. :) It covers all the basics: Phonics, writing skills, math, colors, shapes, and anything else she may have missed being the 5th


He's doing Preschool Busy Bags, Montessori learning, and anything else I can cook up to keep him busy.

That's it for now. My hope is to add photos and links to the things that we do each week starting next weekend. We'll see if that happens. :)


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