Saturday, August 16, 2008

Monkey Chow

This is something that I saw on Jon and Kate Plus Eight.


Take your favorite cereal collection and dump in a bowl. (I used Cheerios, Reese's Crunch, and Corn Chex.) Dump in a generous helping of pretzels and M&M's. Melt one 12 oz package of chocolate chips and a big dollop of peanut butter in the microwave. Mix with dry ingredients. Take a ziplock baggie and pour in some powdered sugar. Add in cereal. Shake. I then package them in little snack sized baggies for individual servings and to make sure that they don't eat the whole bowl in one fell swoop.LOL




Robin said...

Oh, I always thought that looked good when they made it. Thanks for the recipe!

Cynthia said...

We make something similar, but we call it Puppy Chow!

Jodi said...

That's a great idea so variable too depending on what cereals one happens to have on hand.

Since we have a puppy in the family if I called anything Puppy Chow here nobody would eat it thinking I was serious! Monkey Chow may work better. LOL