Saturday, June 24, 2006


I had my parents over last weekend for Father's Day and somehow we ended up talking about the Duggar family. You know how it went. My parents talked about how crazy they were for having so many children and how they must be in debt or Mormon or SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! Well, I got to thinking about what's so different about the Duggars that my parents would attack them like this. I did defend them and straightened my parents out but they still felt that there must be something wrong with them, you know, to have sooo many children. LOL Well, I've narrowed it down and have decided that what they have is exactly what I've been striving for in my own life! (No wonder they are always telling me there's someting wrong with me. LOL)

They have three things, in fact! The first thing that makes them different is their Strength in Faith. They are strong Christians who LIVE what they BELIEVE. They try to live their lives as close to the Bible as they can. They pray constantly and fervently for God's will in their lives, even if that means a MILLION children! Their countenance shows their love of God even without speaking. Wow! and you would think that is enough, but no, they have something else that I want to strive for.

They have Strength in Family. They don't just have children, they HAVE children! They love and nurture and care for each child. They have a patience that can only come from our Heavenly Father and a discernment that only our Lord can provide. The kids are strong, loving, obedient, nurturing and will bring glory to God during their time here on Earth. WOW!

The third thing they have is Strong Lives. They live FOR the Lord to His glory. They live with a strength that goes beyond their own fears, out there as missionaries for those who would look upon their lives and question them and say they must be crazy! Just as those who have come before them, boldly, they are trusting God. What a great testament! I pray that God will work in my life like He has worked in theirs, so that I might bring glory to my Heavenly Father and have those things that the Duggars have.



Shushan said...

Wow! What an outstanding witness! They sound like awesome parents AND believers :-D

Susan In VA

De'Etta said...

You've reminded me that I have the DVD on them to watch. I need to find time to do that.

Lisa in Jax said...

They are an amazing family! Watch that video, De'Etta. LOL