Monday, June 26, 2006

Saving Money...

We got our first electric bill this weekend from our new house and talk about sticker shock! LOL
My dh decided that in order for us to lower the bill, we would need to "get the kids on board." So on our nightly walk we decided that we would offer the kids 50% of the savings on our next electric bill. If they save $10, they get $5. If they save $100, they get $50. So here I am, with these money hungry kids, finding myself in the dark all the time. lol I'm expecting them to hand me a flashlight and a pad of paper soon. lolol Now if they could be this motivated in their chores! I've now decided that if the kids were in charge, we'd never be broke! (Of course, we'd be naked and living in a tent but we'd have plenty of cash on



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