Monday, March 10, 2008

Decorating Through the Year 2008


Well, I'm After one late night and long day, it is complete!

Here's the before pictures...

Remember the baby poop color?

Here's the fridge-stove section, still with builder's grade paint...

We prepped the kitchen for painting during the afternoon while Sophia napped and Eric had the littles at A Day of Play. I spackled and taped, then sanded and swept. Then I joined Eric with Sophia. They played and We took them home, fed them a hearty dinner of Bacon-Lentil soup and sent them off to bed without so much as a peep from

Then we set to the task. Here's a photo of all the busy bees working late at night...

We put Allison on the extra tall ladder that my MIL provided the funds for. This is such a BIG blessing since we're planning to paint the whole house over the next year or so! Allison isn't afraid of heights and did great up there...

Here's Jon's section.lolol He called it "His Practice Area." We've finally found something that isn't his speciality.:snort: It was so funny. He'd paint and Allison and I would go over it. Finally, he was moved to behind the fridge. At one point he said, "Great, I can't even grow up to be a laborer. I'll have to be an assistant laborer."LOLOL

Here it is! The finished paint job! I LOVE this color! I had my whole house painted this in Miami.LOL Inside and OUT.LOL I'm not going to go that far this time. I have a couple of frames from Christmas and I'm going to put some photos of those orangey flowers that Isaac was squishing and hang them on that corner area by the orangey light. Should be pretty and

Here's the new fridge-stove section. Very nice...We're going to paint that upper section above the cabinets the great room color since it's all connected.

Now that we've painted, I have to admit that the rest of the house looks pretty yucky.LOL The builder's grade paint just isn't made to last with 5 kids touching it all the

Also, I didn't get too much clutter cleared out. I've found that no matter how much I clean, there are THOSE in the house, who come behind me and undo it. I'm tired and will call this area DONE!



Donna said...

Wow-I love the color! So cheerful. It's wonderful that you had so much help.

I haven't forgotten this challenge. I'm still working, just haven't been able to post any pictures yet. I'm hoping to the end of this week.

Laura in MO said...

What a pretty color paint. It looks so fresh and airy. Nice job!

Debbie said...

It all looks great, Lisa! You are doing a terrific job.

Gabe was reading over my shoulder and laughed and laughed at your "baby poop color" descripition. Boys, they just get so silly over anything to do with bodily noices or secretions!

Romany said...

Well done!

momma24 said...

It looks GREAT!

Jodi said...

What a pretty color! Looks great. Had to LOL over Jon's lack of painting prowess and his laborer comment!

Cynthia said...

GREAT color! Isn't it nice to have a project completed!