Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jr. Homemakers Club

I've been working through some cute projects for a Jr. Homemakers Club that I'm starting in August. I thought I'd post finished work, by me, and sometimes by Genevieve, as I get the curricula settled for this semester. I'll also post links to where I found the ideas.

We'll be working on Sewing first and this is our first project...

A Bandana Shirt that Genevieve made herself...

I got the project from Trey and Lucy . On the site, it's a dress, but for girls this age, it'll be a shirt. :)

Next up, a Tie on Dish Towel, also from Trey and Lucy . I'll post a photo once it's complete. :)

Our next project will take two classes. It's an Oliver + S pattern that's free here...Lazy Days Skirt

It should be fun!

I'll post the photos later and in the next post I'll list our Crochet projects.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

This is cute, I must remember to cone back and try some of these!

Valerie said...

cute dress!