Thursday, November 04, 2010


In order to put the house up for sale, we've been clearing out and fixing up. First on the list of to-do's was the kid's bathroom. When we tried to recaulk the bathroom, the flooring actually tore. No problem we thought, we'll just buy new laminate flooring and have it installed. (Insert wry smile and snorting laughter here.) We went over to Home Depot and soon found out that they are scaling back this type of flooring for a newer type that was supposed to be really easy to install. So we bought a nice color that looked like wood and brought it home. Then life got crazy and it sat. Meanwhile, we told my Dad about the flooring and he promptly went out, bought some and installed it in their guest bathroom. It looks fabulous by the way but my Dad told my Hubby that it was NOT easy to install and that he would rather TILE than ever do it again.(Tile is a dirty word in this family after the big tile job of '08) Well, hubby came home and promptly loaded up that flooring and took it back.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we'd been without that bathroom for TWO weeks. Yikes!

Well, we looked at the tile, found a nice one and brought it home much to the dismay of our older, yet wiser kids. Then came the painting that I had put off for way too long.

Then last Saturday we began the discussion. I said, Allison, don't you think we could install this tile in a day? She says, NO, it'll take two days. I say, Why don't we try to get it done in one day? She says, it'll turn out bad, trust me. I say, Come on, let's give it a TRY?!!! And she says, Well, o.k., I'll try. All that talk took until lunch time and after lunch she and Eric started the job and finished it in ONE day! lol It was 9:30 at night but at least it was done. The next day, Allison and Jon grouted and finished by 4pm. Then, life got busy all Monday. On Tuesday, I sealed the flooring and that afternoon Eric tried to reinstall the toilet (yes, we had been without for the whole time) and broke an important part. lol After two trips to HD, it was fixed but there was a small gap in the tile that needed to be regrouted and then sealed. So hopefully tonight, Eric will be able to caulk the toilet and tub and MAYBE tomorrow it will be up and running. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a full Month after beginning we might have a working bathroom again.

One down, two more to go. I so wish I was kidding.

Here's the new tile and paint...

It does look nice though. lol



Linda said...

That's so funny because Greg thinks laminate is much easier to install than tile. (And I HATE tile because I think the grout is so awful to keep clean! I loved our laminate floors in our house. We have awful tile here, but hey, it's free!)

Cynthia said...

Are you planning to move to another house in the same town or to a different town?