Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Crazy Idea...

Seventeen years ago I was on bedrest with Jon. lol Yikes! I can't believe it was that long ago. Well, I had an amazing group of ladies who came to help with Allison while I was unable to do so. One of these ladies became a really good friend to me. She brought me really good books to read and would often sit and knit things while chatting with me. I was grateful for the company. (Thanks Carol!) Well, I asked her to teach me how to knit and throughout my pregnancy, she helped me knit my very first thing! A purple sweater for Allison. I still have it. :) That was the only thing I actually knit...until now!lol See, I had another wonderful lady teach me to crochet and I've been doing that for a while now but knitting seemed so hard. I am on a board that happen to mention Raverly and went on there for ideas to crochet and accidently ended up on the knit Well, I found these...


And just HAD to make them! I mean really how hard could they be? They are teeny tiny!lolol Well, I bought the yarn, the special double tipped needles in a four pack, and a how-to book. Then I took each step and watched youtube videos over and over until I could figure it out. I frogged the work so many times that I couldn't even guess how many times and finally ended up with the above little Sucky-thumb mitts. And I have to say that I have fallen in LOVE with For my next project, the cutiest little aviators cap for the baby.

Thanks Carol!



Amy said...

HI Lisa,
This comment has nothing to do with this post, but a question from your comments on Raising Olives. I hope that is ok!

You mentioned that you had used Sonlight with your older children and they have done very in college. I am wondering why you switched? We have used Sonlight since we started and I also have older children and younger ones and I am just curious. Hope you don't mind.

Kristine said...

LOL, I misread the first time and couldn't figure out how THESE were aviator caps! Love the sucky thumb mittens, too cute, Lisa!

I'm glad to catch up with you, even if you aren't posting frequently. You are missed!