Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Final Road to College...

This will be my final Road to College post. At least for this particular graduate. (Who knows, I may revive it in two years when my second student is ready to leave the nest.)

Allison 2010 Graduation Photos

God has abundantly blessed us with an amazingly wonderful young lady! After 13 years of work, our daughter has turned in her last assignment and will graduate. Pretty cool.

Some things that I've learned from this experience. If your student doesn't know what they want to be, maybe you should skip the whole college mess and just enroll them into a Community College. That is just what we've done. After all the work, she just wanted to continue next door. She's made so many wonderful friends there and she loves most of her teachers. You really can't beat that. She's been promoted at her work and that will allow her to completely pay for her college without debt, which was something that we, her Dad and Mom, really wanted for her. It's a real blessing. It's also wonderful that we'll get two more years with her. After that, she's considering going to a local 4 year college and either commuting or living on campus and working close to school. Either way, she'll be able to pay for her whole college experience without debt and is hoping to pursue a degree in teaching, so that she can become a missionary. We are amazed at where the Lord has lead our daughter!

Another thing we learned, we're starting in 11th grade for our next kids.LOL We're already in the process of enrolling Jon at the local CC for dual enrollment and he will be able to get very close to his AA degree before graduating. (We won't want him to get it because that would interfere with getting scholarships.) It will save him tons on his schooling.

Is there anything that I will do differently with the little kids? Yes.

1. I will make things more fun. They are only young once and the hard stuff comes fast enough without me rushing them into it.

2. I will spend even MORE time on things that they are interested in. No one looks at their younger years, so do we really need to follow a traditional school subject list? No. BUT if they can find their passion in life along with a love for learning, they'll do just fine.

3. I will only do 2 years of highschool with my next batch of kids. The next two years will be for dual-enrollment. They'll have plenty of credits for graduation and it'll give me a break. It'll also give them a chance to get used to college before they have to take a full schedule.

4. I'll make sure that they have many opportunities to serve inside and outside of our home.

So that's it. I hope these posts have helped. I know that I've learned so much over the past year and almost look forward to doing this again in two years.



Linda said...

Congratulations to Allison (and Mom and Dad)!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Well done, Allison and Lisa. I've enjoyed reading your stories.

I learned many of the lessons you have. We can't dual enroll from here...I'm thinking about CLEP classes...but don't know a lot about it at this point. If I'd known we we would do this, I would have beefed up his 7th and 8th grade history a bit...but that's o.k. I think having some college credits under his belt will be a good plan.

Kristine said...

Totally helped; I've found your college posts very encouraging, and it gives me more confidence that I *can* do this. I also appreciate your comments about what you'll change for the youngers. :)

I miss seeing you on email lists, Lisa. I know you're swamped, and I'm glad to see you blogging, my friend.