Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching up...

I really should make about 5 or 6 different blog posts in order to do these justice, but with a cranky newborn, it's just not possible. So bear with me as I give you a whirl-wind tour of the past month. :)

Allison went on a wonderful mission to Nicaragua at the beginning of this month. She was there for 9 days and it really helped her to see where she would like to be. She's changed her focus to missions and will be hopefully going to a local Bible college in the fall. She'd like to major in missions and this college really seems like a good fit. We are praying that the college accepts her and maybe gives her some financial aid. It's a very affordable college, so some aid would allow her to go without debt.

Easter was really nice. The littles went to church with Daddy and then we all went to dinner at Grandma G's house. The kids looked so cute in their finery...

Isaac wouldn't cooperate, so no photo of

For Jon's birthday, my Dad took him and my brother to Universal. They had a blast! They stayed on location and had fast passes for all the rides. I heard that they rode every ride at least 5

For my nephew's spring break, my sister and he came down and visited a couple of colleges. He's going to Nova on a swimming scholarship and is very excited. It was SO nice to see my sister and Nicolas. They live in Virginia and we don't see them too often.

(My sister, Dana, with Sophia and David.)

Just because having a baby isn't enough for me, I decided to remodel a bedroom. lol My very patient and very understanding hubby primed the room for me with three little helpers. I can't believe that he let them I'd have kicked them out in 5



I did the regular painting and finished the room on Friday...

(and no, I didn't let the littles



We decided David needs his own room. He's a light sleeper and is keeping us awake. He's already sleeping about 4-5 hours each night and we think he'd sleep a little longer if we weren't waking him up. We'll see. :)

Speaking of David, he's now 6 weeks old! I can't believe how fast time is going by. He's a really sweetie, but really gassy right now. I can't wait until that

He spends a lot of time, just

Sophia is such a She loves to have her picture taken and usually says, "Let's try that again." so that we'll take more of

(This is take 42...)

With Allison's graduation looming, she has had many neat things to participate in. She attended her first prom, a Regency ball. She waited until Friday to actually MAKE her gown. It's absolutely beautiful and so was she on Saturday...



She had such a great time at the ball. She said that she danced every single

My mom did her hair, but she made the whole dress herself. It was very tricky too. The instructions were difficult to understand AND we changed the design a few times This was the very first really big thing that she ever made. I think that she did a great job.

Well, I guess that's it for now. King David has awoken and I've used up all my spare time. Thankfully, I've gotten down the memories.



The Bertone's said...

Her dress is amazing! She did wonderful! She is beautiful! Your newest addition is handsome too! :)

Linda said...

I'm so impressed with the dress! The littles are adorable as well. Three of my 4 were gassy like that. It does pass pretty quickly in the grand scheme of things, but it seemed like eternity going through it!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Praying for you with the gassy baby - well I remember.

The dress is gorgeous and I love Allison's hair. It sounds like the mission's trip was life-changing.

Universal with an all day pass - awesome birthday gift.

The littles are darling in their Easter finery.

Thanks for the update.

Cynthia said...

FUN update! I'm SO impressed that ou all made that dress in ONE DAY! WOW!

How exciting that she's decided on a course of study!

Kristine said...

Great catch up, Lisa. Loved seeing the newest kid pics. Sophia looks like a princess in that dress with her curly hair.

I'm always interested in hearing Allison's college plans, and it is encouraging to me that she's getting more focused--it means my dd will have time to see what God really wants HER to do.

Her dress is lovely, her hair is lovely; she's a beautiful young woman, inside and out.

My goodness, Allison looks just like your sister!

I can't believe you redecorated a room! Where you find time and energy for this, I have no idea!!

Kathy - mom of many said...

I'm impressed with the dress being accomplished in a day, BUT, I'm more impressed with how you managed to care for the littles on your own while Allison spent the day at the sewing machine. I know whenever my older girls have projects, I miss their assistance with the younger ones.
By the way, my Allison is our master seamstress at this house. Must be something about the name.

Southern Belle said...

Wow! Where do I
First of all, missed hearing your input on SHS, but I can see where your time has gone, lol. David is so sweet....I know he is gassy but like others have said....BTDT! Praying that it passes soon. I also hope that him being in his own room has helped ya'll (and him) get some sleep.

Alison is SO beautiful....her dress (she did that in such a short amount of time, WOW!) and hair and it! So pretty and modest...

Hope things go well for Alison and her journey to the mission field. Does she know where she wants to go? I went to Warner Southern in Lake Wales, FL. They do have a fabulous HEART program. It is for one semester, but it "mimics" being in a third world country and teaches them all of the hands on things they need to know for that.

Laura in MO said...

So many wonderful photos!! I especially love the photos of all your girls dressed up so pretty. (Love Sophia's hat!!)

David is a little cutie-pie!!