Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A portrait of Allison...

I am continually amazed at Allison's memory. When she was little, she would memorize those National Audubon Society First Field Guides. Every single page would be dog-eared and bookmarked. She's also good with actresses and actors names and any and all movies that they've ever been in. The same with songs and song artists.

Two weeks ago, she had to pay a ticket (see, she's not and it was near closing time at the DMV. She drove over there, at a safe speed, and waited in line. When she got to the front, she reached for her debt-card and realized that she left it at home. So, she asked the lady if she could just tell her the number. The lady said, I guess so, if you can remember it. She then proceeded to rattle off the number. The lady was pretty impressed but then said, I also need the expiration date too. Allison gave her that. Then, the lady said, Oh, I forgot, you'll also need to give me that security code off the back. Allison promptly gave her that without blinking an eye. As she was leaving, she heard the lady telling her co-workers about what she had done. I couldn't even tell you the first number on my

We have this game called Hyper-dash that the littles love to play. It reminds me of the game Simon, you know, with the flashing lights and you have to remember what order they flashed and copy it, but instead of lights, it calls out what color to press your bell-shaped wand on. It's a fun game. It'll say press blue. Then press blue-red. Then blue-red-blue. Then blue-red-blue-yellow. (and so on.) Well, Allison can go until it runs out of colors for that level. Level one goes to 18 rounds. It took her 245

Just thought I'd write down some memories today.



Kristine said...

That is totally impressive! I'm fascinated by the different ways that people learn things, and then how they apply that learning to other situations. :)

Cynthia said...

I have a thing for numbers, too.... I can remember phone numbers which I haven't dialed in YEARS! I can remember all of our bank accounts numbers in their entirety (and there are many) as well as our cc #s, account numbers for various bills, etc.... but, tell me a name and there's no way I'll remember (LOL)...I should assign everyone a number!!