Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Triage 101...

It's a rare occasion that we all get sick all at once. Usually, it's a one at a time thing where by the time one is feeling better, the next one or two gets it. I've learned quite a bit from this past month, along with other illnesses in the past, that I thought I'd share a few pointers when your home becomes a hospital sickward.

1. Don't procrastinate. If someone throws up all over the bed , put the sick one in the tub and throw the bedding into the washer immediately while the sick one soaks. The name of the game is keeping up.

2. Bowls, namely tupperware bowls make great sick catchers. The smaller the child, the bigger the bowl.

3. Keep everyone and everything together. It's far easier to assist everyone if they are all in the same room. Also, if they need nebulizers or humidifiers, you won't need more than one. It's also good to have all things needed in the same room, except meds. I keep those all together in a cabinet in the kitchen. Tissues, trashcan, nose sprays, drinks, crackers, etc... can all be left in the room so that you can get to them in a hurry.

4. For keeping up with all the medicines, I like those refridgerator magnet Magnet Weekly Calendars. You can find them at Walgreens. When one child gets meds, I record it under the correct day with their initials, the meds initials, and the time given.

5. Invest in an snow cone maker. (Ice shaver or whatever you call it) For those truly too sick to keep anything down or with sore throats, it's a life saver. I bought mine at Target for about $20 and I only allow someone to have some if they are sick, so it's a treat.

6. If one needs to go to the Dr's, take them all. It'll save you some time. Also, you can ask the Dr for one medicine that can be given at different dosages for each of your children. That will save you money. Right now, I have two on Mucinex and two on Xopenex.

7. Buy something that will entertain everyone. We've found Amazon to have really fast shipping if you have Prime, so we usually buy a video set. Something with at least 3 DVD's to keep them all mesmerized.lol

8. Once someone starts getting better, move them from the triage area into a well area. Clean all bedding/blankets and make sure to clean any cups, bowls, and toothbrushes from that child. This is why I usually buy more than one DVD. I can divide them up and the well kid doesn't feel like he/she is missing out.

9. For keeping the mess under control, I've found double folding a comforter for under the sick child to keep the sheets from getting messed. If they get sick, I just replace the comforter and wash the yucky one immediately.

Well, those are some things that have helped me this past month of illness. If you have any tips, feel free to share them.



Jen Guyer said...

For keeping track of meds, I usually make a chart on excel that I print off. Especially if I have more than one sick at a time. I use it to record prescription meds, OTC fever meds and their temperatures. This was especially handy our last go around as Jessica just wasn't responding to the meds and I could take my chart in to the doc and show him her fever trends, etc.

We have a snow cone maker. It mostly sits unused. That is a great idea to use it for when they get sick. I will have to remember that. Though, I hope I never have to use it for that. :-) We do do a lot of slushes made in the Magic Bullet though.

The Bertone's said...

Hope you all feel better soon! I know how you feel though, my daughter can't seem to kick this nasty cough, and my son is going in to have his tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow!

Cynthia said...

Hope you're all on the mend by now! Great ideas!