Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Last Great Build of 2009...

For Christmas this year we decided to buy the littles a playset. We saved up all year and finally bought it two weeks ago. We wanted to make sure that we got it early, since this is the time of year that the weather is good to be outside, and also, we didn't want it to come after Christmas.

It arrived on Friday and everyone was pretty excited about it.

First, though, we had to say goodbye to old faithful. It was getting quite dangerous now that we have three, soon to be four, little ones that never really appreciated our rules for jumping.


The littles protested at first, but once the playset started taking shape, old faithful was easily forgotten.

Step 1

This is what it looked like in our garage...
Step 2
This is right after Jon's manhood was (The bars were free rolling until they were screwed in.)
Step 3.
The barn raising...notice the little helper...
The rock wall comes together...Isaac was
Step 6
The final product...
The kids couldn't be happier...
Isaac is king of the hill...

It only took some of Friday, all of Saturday, and a little of Sunday to put together. We had one of Jon's friends helping and it really was nice having that extra set of hands.



The Bertone's said...

Looks like fun! My kids would love that! I'm from Fl too. This is the greatest part of the year to be playing. We go to the playground a few times a week now!

Berry Patch said...

Nice! I bet the kids are thrilled.

Cynthia said...

Nice! We had a swingset like that for years and the kids got a TON of use out of it. We took it apart last year and made it into a tree for after the swingset portion started to be unsafe. Here's wishing you many years of FUN!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

We've always dreamed of a set like this..but were never in the right location, right ages, right $ at the right time. This is an awesome gift. You're kids are going to love it.